What kind of teacher do I want to be?

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It is a worldly acknowledged truth that being a teacher has never been an easy job for anybody from the past to the present. Such is the case not only because the teacher has to possess many qualities and skills so as to deal with this job but also due to the fact that no consensus has ever been reached among those masters in the field of education on what exactly these qualities and skills should be. In other words, there is always a dispute over what kind of teaching beliefs a person should hold or what kind of teacher a person should be. Although opinions may vary under such an issue, disregard all the possible objections, I still strongly believe that a good teacher should at least be the one who is knowledgeable, patient, flexible and loves his or her students. And that is the kind of teacher I want to be.

Knowledge is power and this is especially true for a person who is determined to be a good teacher because that is why the students need a teacher in the first place. So according to my teaching beliefs, the first quality a teacher should possess is that he or she has to be knowledgeable. Being knowledgeable does not necessarily mean the teacher has to know everything, for that is something only god can accomplish. Thus here by saying a teacher has to be knowledgeable, I am referring to the basic notions, recent development and future directions a teacher should grasp in his or her own field, for the mastery of the basic notions ensures the teacher knows what to teach, the good knowledge of recent development prevents what he or she taught from getting out-dated, and the right prediction of future directions keeps him or her in track with any possible changes in such field. Only in this way can a teacher be capable to guide the students through the difficulties they may encounter in learning. Thus the teacher shall never cease learning for he or she is aware of the fact that a teacher can never knows too much.

In spite of being knowledgeable, I believe a teacher shall be patient for the reason that just like Rome is not built in one day, the teaching aims are not always successfully accomplished in a short time. The teacher has to realize that the whole teaching thing is time and energy consuming in itself. For many times, when the students failed to meet his or her expectations, all the things he or she can do is to slow things down, give them more encouragement, and guide them by taking one step at a time. Just like the old saying goes, patience is a virtue and haste is no speed. The teacher should never lose hope in his or her students and give up on them, especially those slow ones who give him or her terrible headaches, for even geniuses can be slow learners in their young age and no one can be sure which student will turn out to be someone great in the future. Thus the teacher has to be very patient to every single student and spare no effort in helping them in learning, for only in this way can he or she ensure that all the students have laid solid foundations for their future life.

Moreover, I consider flexibility the key to teaching because the teacher is always facing students of all kinds. In China, there is an idiom goes like this: "cut the cloth according to the figure of the person you are going to make clothes for". Putting it in education, this sentence still makes sense for it means teaching the students according to their own characteristics. In fact, as different students have varied preferences in teaching styles, how to combine them and make his or her own teaching style suit most students becomes a big problem for the teacher. For example, for those outgoing students, face to face communication can easily draw their attention and nearer the distance in between. However, this may not work for those introvert ones for they may get shy and nervous. Thus, in order to let all the students enjoy an equal chance in development, the teacher should cater to both kinds of students' needs, change teaching methods from time to time, and adjust teaching style when necessary. In other words, the teacher has to be flexible in teaching so as to ensure a better growth for all students.

Last but not least, love is always the vital and indispensable ingredient in teaching. Love is to teaching is what soul is to body. It is love that makes a teacher a teacher. By loving being a teacher, the teacher is willing to spend his or her free time in learning so as to keep the knowledge delivered to the students up-dated. By loving the students, the teacher would rather stay patient and give them encouragement and accompanyship in their slow growth. By loving teaching, the teacher chooses to adjust his or her teaching methods and style so as to best suite the students. Thus, love is all the teacher needs in teaching. It is the teacher's love that has warmed the students' heart and provided shelter for them in hard times. It is the teacher's love that has guided the students in their life and paved the way for their future growth. With love, the teacher prefers to sacrifice his or her entire life to the cause of teaching and expect nothing in return, for the students' success is his or her best reward.

If teaching is an art, the teacher must be an artist while the students are his or her artworks. In order to make great artworks, a qualified artist has to at least possess knowledge, patience, flexibility, and love. And above all, I believe diligence is always the artist's best tool. Thus as an artist-to-be, I plan to spare no effort and use all my creativity in my job, for I know it will be my proudest moment when my artworks turn out to be unique ones who are able to stand on their own feet in this world.